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Coming together to thrive in a hyper-connected world

Coming together to thrive in a hyper-connected world

The financial industry is undergoing unprecedented change. Market players are adapting to a constant stream of new challenges shaped by a shifting competitive landscape, geo-politics, regulation and technology, as well as fast-evolving cybersecurity threats.

In this context, organisations of all shapes and sizes are working to transform their business to face the challenges of today and address those of tomorrow. Many in the financial community are embracing an open approach to innovation, leveraging new technologies, strategic partnerships and data-driven insights. Collaboration among all players in the financial community and beyond will be essential to drive the changes required.

Sibos: where financial industry leaders meet the vibrant FinTech community

There’s a reason Sibos, coming to London for the first time from 23-26 September, is known as the world’s premier financial services event. Every year, the event brings together the industry’s top executives and experts to unpack the latest trends in financial services, share experiences, make connections, and shape the debate about what’s next.

As this year’s theme, “Thriving in a hyper-connected world,” suggests, collaboration is central to the Sibos experience. The event will see all types of financial services players – including over a hundred FinTech start-ups – come together to discuss and showcase the impact of new technologies and the emergence of new business models.

Sibos will also curate content about the culture, skills and working practices that organisations need to maximise the potential of both human and machine capabilities.

Through the lens of five sub-themes, participants will examine various challenges facing the modern financial services ecosystem:

  • Enhancing digital ecosystems
  • Leveraging data
  • Keeping ahead of cybersecurity threats
  • Adapting to geopolitical and regulatory priorities
  • Exploring the human element

Discover Zone: The cutting edge of FinTech innovation

This year’s Sibos will host its biggest ‘Discover Zone’ ever. This hub will connect senior stakeholders from across the globe with FinTechs, fostering connections and partnerships that will develop solutions to shape the future of payments and securities.

Showcasing leading FinTechs, alongside bank and corporate innovation labs, the Discover Zone will be the home of forward-looking sessions, moderated by well-known voices from the global financial industry.

At the heart of the Discover Zone, SWIFT’s Innotribe - a leading network of FinTech experts - will channel insights from across the financial ecosystem. Topical discussions around data, privacy, AI and more will take delegates on a deep dive to understand the new face of trust in a world fast undergoing digital transformation.

A limited number of specially priced delegate tickets for FinTech professionals are available.

Find out more about how you can apply for one here.

Sibos is the world’s premier financial services event, bringing together thousands of business leaders, decision makers and topic experts, 600 speakers, 200+ exhibitors and 100+ FinTechs to shape the future of the financial world.

Sibos is organised and facilitated by SWIFT, the global provider of secure financial messaging services.