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ELITE is a unique platform designed to foster innovation, enhance growth and develop job creation opportunities for the most exciting international companies.

ELITE will support ambitious companies towards future growth and investment by offering a unique opportunity to unlock their potential, developing long-term strategic thinking and giving them structured access to international financial community.

ELITE was successfully launched in Italy in 2012, in the UK in 2014 and across Europe and beyond in 2015. 


  • 500+ companies of different sizes and sectors
  • 40 Bn € aggregate revenues
  • 180,000 employees
  • 26 countries
  • 36+ sectors represented
  • 150+ advisors
  • 100+ investors

In 2016 ELITE has been launched in Morocco by Casablanca Stock Exchange. This is the first launch of ELITE in partnership with another exchange. 

ELITE is based on different programmes according to the different geographies.

Discover the ELITE Programmes already active: